Music Rehearsal Rooms

The Music Industry Studies program coordinates the use of rehearsal rooms for use by student bands who are affiliated with our program. A nominal fee is charged for use of the rooms and they are available for use once a week. The rehearsal rooms are Communications/Music 421, 422, 427 and 428F. A typical five member band can fit in a room, with certain rooms like 427 able to handle larger groups. Rehearsals are scheduled every Friday evening, with a 7-9PM block and a 9-11PM block. Double block bookings (7PM-11PM) are accepted as well. A $30 fee is charged for each two hour block reserved. Currently we do not provide PA systems or any backline like amps or drums but we plan to offer these items in the future. Bands are responsible for transporting their own equipment to and from the rehearsal, and carts are not provided. A staff member will be on hand to supervise during the entire rehearsal.

To reserve a rehearsal:
  1. Go to the Bursar's office in St. Thomas Hall and deposit your $30 (or $60 if it's a 4-hour booking) to account 8-80318-4610, with your name as the memo/description. Save the paper receipt they give you.
  2. Bring your deposit receipt and photocopies of your student ID's and signed copies of the rehearsal room agreement below to the Music Industry Studies office, CM 300F. The secretary there can look up the rehearsal room calendar and help you to book the rehearsal or look at availability.
  3. Contact Lovell Cooper if you have any issues. His contact information is available outside his office door, CM 424.
Jay Crutti,
Oct 8, 2014, 8:57 AM