Teaching Assistant Program

We have a group of students who serve in an educational capacity as teaching assistants for the Recording Studio. These Teaching Assistants (TA for short) act as ambassadors to the larger campus community representing the creative culture we try to foster in the studio. Any enrolled student at Loyola can become a TA, and as TA's they are given studio use privileges as well as requirements to stay in good standing. Below are the requirements to participate in the program. Jay Crutti and other faculty oversee the studio TA program and are responsible for its educational goals.

1. Attend weekly TA meetings (every Tuesday @ 12:30 in CM426). Only 2 meetings can be missed without dismissal.

2. Attend monthly maintenance work days as shown on the studio calendar. Excused absences are only recognized with written documentation like a doctor’s note.

3. After following the above guidelines you can request to be given a TA test. Optionally, if you have taken Intro to Digital Audio and the Studio Recording Techniques class and received a B or higher then you may skip this step. Here is the TA test evaluation criteria.

If you are approved as a TA then the following applies:

5. You must consistently observe #1 and #2, and in addition work a minimum of one personal studio session per month.

6. You cannot charge money nor handle money for any of your recording sessions. In the event you are break this rule you will be dismissed and student disciplinary action will result. If you desire to charge or be paid money, you must do that through Vital Sounds, the recording studio student company.

7. You will present your recordings on a regular basis. Copies of your finished work must be provided to the TA administrator for posting online.

8. You must attend and help prepare for studio open house events when they occur.

9. You will conduct weekly labs with students in the Recording Studio Techniques and help them with projects.

10. You must help Digital Audio Production and Intro to Music Technology students when they need it, and make yourself available to assist in final recording projects that the Recording Studio Techniques class.

11. You must keep the studio clean, organized and in proper order and ensure that it maintains a professional appearance.

12. You must add events to the calendar in the proper format. The acceptable format is “Your Name, Name of artist you are working with and what you are doing for them, Justification for being in the studio, Number of Apprentices you will allow to assist/observe.” For example: “Jay Crutti, Mixing Dirty Dozen Brass Band, Teacher Time, 2 Apprentices”

13. You must assist with ensuring that studio policies are followed by anyone you observe or work with in there, and if violations occur report them immediately to a TA supervisor.

14. You must record, mix and master a full length album for a major university ensemble, as assigned by the TA administrator, each semester.

Not adhering to these above conditions will result in dismissal from the TA program.