Programming memories on an Icom IC-208H or IC-2200H using CHIRP

Post date: Apr 8, 2017 6:05:00 PM

After looking around the internet for guidance, and encountering much trial and error, I present instructions on how to program these radios.


A USB/Serial programming cable that terminates in a 3.5MM (aka 1/8" TRS) plug. This will connect to the speaker port on the radio. I used a this adapter available from Amazon for $12. The "I" cable works with the Icom.

Install the driver for the USB cable. It uses a Prolific 2303 USB-Serial driver. Prolific has these on their website for download.

Download and install CHIRP.


1. Turn down squelch on your radio and connect the adapter. Turn the radio on as usual. Do not use Cloning mode!

2. In CHIRP, choose Download from Radio. Choose the correct adapter for your system. Choose manufacturer and model for the radio you're working with.

3. Once you hit go, your radio should say CL OUT or something similar.

4. Your memories should appear in CHIRP, ready to edit.

5. Do your thing to make the memories what you want, then choose Upload to Radio. Once the memories are uploaded again, you'll need to power cycle the radio.

Happy QSO's and 73 my friend!